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The History Of The Electronic Cigarette

History of the Electronic Cigarette

The electronic cigarette has come a long way since it’s initial inception in China in early 2003.  It started small and emerged into a huge global market place and now has users all over the world. If you have not heard of it yet, the electronic cigarette is a tar free, odorless, carbon monoxide free, tobacco free, ash free, cost effective way to get your nicotine cravings without having to burn and inhale tobacco smoke. Instead it utilizes a vaporization technology that creates a substance identical to smoke, and most users cannot tell the difference and some prefer the vapor over smoke.

It all began when a researcher named Hon Lik set out to create the worlds first acceptable smoking alternative.  Hon, being a smoker himself, was motivated by the loss of his father who passed away due to lung cancer from smoking tobacco cigarettes.  Hon’s father smoked over 2 packs of cigarettes a day and Hon used to do the same. Hon knew that if he continued on his path of smoking tobacco daily then he would eventually suffer the same fate as his father.  It was time for him to quit smoking cigarettes but it was too difficult for him to do, no matter how hard he tried. This was the initial inspiration for the electronic cigarette.

Hon was a researcher of Chinese medicine such as ginseng and other herbal remedies. He used his knowledge of Chinese medicine and applied it to his creation of the electronic cigarette.  His first step was to find something to replicate smoke that users could breathe in and out. After searching high and low, he found success using a substance called propylene glycol, that when heated turned into a vapor that proved to be almost identical to smoke. Propylene glycol is a food additive that has been used in many consumer products and approved drugs since the early 1920’s. It is also approved by the FDA for a variety of uses in many consumer products. You may have also seen it used to create fake smoke in theatrical productions such as dry ice.  It is also blown through hospital air ducts to clean the air, it acts as an air germicide for bacteria that could be existing in the air itself and on surfaces.

Hon was able to successfully infuse the propylene glycol liquid with a pure nicotine extract, along with flavoring, to create a smoking experience that felt and tasted just like a real cigarette. From the nicotine satisfaction, to the throat hit, and the exhale. The electronic cigarette or “e cigarette” was right on point. One of it’s first American debut’s was at the American Tobacco Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the electronic cigarette and cigar won multiple awards.

Since it’s initial introduction of the electronic cigarette into the American market place, many people did not know what to think, but once they tried it, they were amazed. The electronic cigarette has really evolved since it’s beginning and all sorts of different models and brands are popping up everywhere.  The technology has expanded into e-hookahs which utilize flavored vapor and are becoming popular in hookah bars. You can also get electronic cigars, electronic pipes, and customized personal vaporizers that may look nothing like a cigarette. The electric cigarette has become more of a movement and some are calling it the ‘smoker’s revolution’.

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The History of Ecigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are a rather new innovation, having only scratched the surface in most parts of the world.  The first electronic cigarette was made by a Chinese man named Hon Lik back in 2003.  It was brought to the open market in the following year.  Lik, a pharmacist, began exporting the products in 2005 and officially obtained a patent for his invention in 2007.  The electronic cigarette revolution began shortly thereafter.

In the United States, the first electronic cigarettes were marketed in suburban shopping malls.  Kiosks, carts, and live demonstrations of the vapor-emitting smokeless cigarette helped spur the growth of the product.  Naturally, as more and more people became involved in the marketing of ecigarettes, the Internet became a hotbed for information and consumers started posting their own reviews.

There are many supporters of these products but, of course, there are detractors as well.  Big Tobacco brands are not cool with their massive market share being chewed up by a product that is completely fine to smoke in bars, restaurants, and other public venues where their products are strictly prohibited. There are lobbyists everywhere trying to stop the importation of electronic smoking devices, and the long-term plan for these devices is still unpredictable.

On the other hand, the support grows every day.  With people out there “vaping” in public and displaying their esmoking devices for the world to see, the recognition of these products grows and people welcome them in bars and pubs.  Even people who work in corporate America are supporting the devices. It makes sense, as employee smoke breaks take time and cut into the profitability of the organization.  An ecigarette can be puffed on anywhere, meaning that since there is no flame, no odor, and no mess, even an office cubicle is a perfectly fine place to smoke the vaporized water solution.

Where electronic cigarettes will go in the future is anyone’s guess…. but for now we’re here to help consumers find out about these awesome devices, and to keep a virtual library of electronic cigarette reviews on file for people to read so they can not only find the best ecigarette for their smoking preference, but also so they can share tips and reviews with like-minded consumers.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to share your own thoughts, comments and suggestions.

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