Smokestik Newest Entry In Heated Ecig NASCAR Race

This lowly blogger on an atypical outing got a whiff of this and followed up to get you the following pics. Now I can’t verify anything more than to say that the upper management was looking at having a contest for some loyal customers to design a car, and the winner would receive a Free Starter Kit of their choice along with a few other goodies.

Here are the top secret shots that I managed to finaggle (is that a word?) from my source. I do know that it looks waaaay cooler than Greensmokes NASCAR that is running in this weekends race. :D

That is this humble reporter’s opinion of course. I may be a tad biased, but I still think it kicks butt over the Greensmoke Car with TJ Bell. Once I get more info on the contest I will be sure to pass it along as I always do. For now you give ‘em your opinion about the pics (top secret… by the way) by sending an email to

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