Possible Ban of eCigs in New York State

On Tuesday, January 25, the New York State Assembly Health Committee is scheduled to discuss proposed bill A01468, which would outlaw the sales of electronic cigarettes in New York State. We are strongly against a statewide ban, as we believe that consumers should have the free choice to purchase and use e-cigarettes, as long as they are used responsibly by adults above the legal smoking age.

Section 1 of the bill only bans e-cigarette sales to minors, a step which we strongly support. It is Section 2 of the bill that purports to ban all electronic cigarette sales until the FDA has approved it as a smoking cessation devise. As an ecigarette user, we encourage you to contact the New York Assembly Health Committee members and State Senators to express your opposition to Section 2 of the proposed bill.

Visit the CASAA website at http://www.casaa.org/CTA/article.asp?articleID=114&l=a&p= for further details about the proposed bill and for a pre-written letter template to easily send to your Assemblymen. The Assembly meeting is set to take place on Tuesday, January 25 at 12:00 noon. As snail mail would not reach recipients on time, please email, fax or, for maximum effectiveness, call committee members before this time.

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