Ecigarette Savings Calculator

The cost-saving benefits alone make the electronic cigarette an excellent smoking alternative. Use the handy calculator below to do a quick check on how much you could save in only a year, and it will even tell you how long it will take for your e cigarette starter kit to pay for itself (typically a few weeks). Lifetime amounts will vary, of course, as will years on your life. :D

I’m coming up on 2 years smoke free now, and the money I’ve saved since then just bought me new furniture. I would be willing to bet that burn holes and fabric yellowing won’t be a problem now, so I even splurged a bit. The new custom living room suite is due to be delivered next Thursday. :D :D

It still blows my mind to think that I could have saved $50,000+ over the 33 years I smoked, however. That’s a fully-loaded car or even a nice house in some areas! o.O

Please note this calculator is provided by SmokeTip Electronic Cigarettes, and therefore all calculations are based upon the price of their $59.95 e-cigarette starter kit and refill cartridges.

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