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Intro to Vaping

This is the best and most comprehensive guide on the net to “vaping” by Spikey from Vapers Forum.

This comprehensive video of Intro to Vaping is less than an hour long. It makes it much easier for newbies.

It is separated into chapters by…

-Assembly of device and how it works technically

-Contents of starter kit

-Vaping Terminology and Vocabulary

—how to fill with paperclip
—topping off
—how to fill with syringe
—re-using carts (washing stuffing, replacing stuffing,
extracting nic from old stuffing)
—how long they REALLY last

—cleaning cycle
—caution atomizer gets hot
—heating with primer puff
—how to clean (blow out, run hot water, boil, pepsi method)

—how to store it
—Don’t touch it (nic is poison)
—dripping on atomizer (how to do it safely)
—NONE taste exactly like cigs!
—PG vs VG define difference
—strengths of liquid and how many cigs they equal

—# of blinks means???
—Pre-charge for 12 hours before first time use (4 hrs
successive charges)
—Don’t get liquid in battery (by dripping or blowing into atomizer)
—auto vs manual switch
—pneumatic vs electronic batteries
—hours they should last with average use vs heavy use
—USB passthrough vs USB Charger

-Possible causes of vapor drop off

-What to get on first purchase and what to have on hand

-Physical Symptoms of vaping

-Models of E-cig (supermini, 401, mini, pen, ecigar, epipe, 510)

-How to inhale (slow and steady)

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