Finding Affordable Life Insurance for E-Cigarette Smokers

eCigs Today recently came across an article that provided this information for e-smokers. We thought we’d pass it on to our customers. We’re not life insurance providers but are always trying to find more ways to help.

A recent ruling by the FDA to treat e-cigarettes as a tobacco product came as a big victory for e-cigarette fans everywhere. However, it means that some things will change for e-cigarette smokers. If you’re looking for life insurance, some companies will treat e-cigarettes the same as cigarettes now. That can mean getting a life insurance policy that is three times that of a normal policy. However, being an e-cigarette smoker may save money on life insurance with some companies.

On a case-by-case basis companies may give you favorable ratings if you sign up as a (non-cigarette) nicotine user, which is in the same category as people who use nicotine gum, or patches. There is a variety of options life insurance companies will provide under the category of Smoking. Some providers don’t even ask if their customers have smoking habits. It’s advised by all to not lie when these questions are asked. If you answer that you’re not a smoker it could negatively impact your policy.

The best way to ensure the safety of your life insurance policy as an e-smoker, get a multi-provider life insurance broker who can more aptly discern the best policy for an electronic cigarette smoker.

We hope this information helps and encourage our customers to look further into this matter.

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