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How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work?

02 December 2012

An 'electronic cigarette' is actually a personal vaporizer. It heats up a liquid solution, vaporizing it into a cloud of steam. no smoke, no ash, no burning.

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EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Review

01 September 2012

EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes Review The Healthier Way to Smoke – EverSmoke Kit Prices: $59.99 – $154.99 Flavors: 10 Nicotine Levels: 4 – 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, and 0mg eCigs Today Discount: none Overall Rating: Click here to visit website THE REVIEW: Shipping is very fast with EverSmoke. My order arrived in only 3 business days on […]

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BBC Radio 4 Electronic Cigarette Broadcast

28 July 2012

An excellent radio program from earlier this year called ‘Inside Health’ discussing the implications of electronic cigarettes. For once, this discussion is actually very fair. Just so you know, the ecigarette discussion ends at about the 20 minute mark. BBC Radio 4 Electronic Cigarette Broadcast So what do you think? What are your views about […]

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What is Propylene Glycol? – Part One

09 July 2012

What is propylene glycol? Why is it used in electronic cigarettes? Is it safe?   We are asked this question repeatedly and there is a lot of misinformation about propylene glycol and ecigarette ingredients circulating in the media. To help answer this question, we have gathered together this list of information from a number of […]

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